I love this advice from Robin Stephenson!

As you recall, Robin is one of the fab 15 contributors from Sham of the Perfect.  You can see my previous post about her here.  I had the pleasure of visiting with her recently.  During the interview, I asked her for any words of wisdom or any advice she had for creative moms.  This is what she had to say:

Find something you enjoy or think you might enjoy and just do it. Even if you can only find a few moments during the day, just do something. I often put off doing anything creative because I’m not good at it or I’m too tired. But if I let those two things stop me, I’d never get anything done.

So cleaver and so true.  How many times have we let those two things stop us?  I know I sure have!  To be more specific (and if we are reading between the lines), my two things would be defeatist attitude and too lazy.

All too often, I find myself giving up before I even start.  I let the enemy win before I even give myself the chance to begin!  OR… I’m just too lazy to do something new/awesome/scary.  I usually think something like… “If that idea were so great, someone else would have already done it.”  Two completely ridiculous reasons not to do something.  Anything!

So, take Robin’s advice.  Don’t let those two things get in your way.  You are good enough, and we are all tired.  Don’t let those two things stop you, or you’ll never get anything done.  Thanks, Robin, for those words of encouragement!

Remember, that was just a tiny tidbit from my interview with her.  See more from the interview in the book when it’s released.