Robin Stephenson

Robin has taken at least one photograph a day for the past six years!  You can see her daily photos on her blog.  One photo every day!  I know what an accomplishment that is because I have started a few project 365s myself, and I have not been that successful.  If you are at all interested in starting a project 365, there are several websites out there dedicated to the topic or that offer prompts.  One of my favorites is Capture Your 365.  Clickin’ Moms also offers Glimpse on Instagram.  These two are great because they offer prompts to really encourage your creativity.  I should also add that if you feel that a photo a day is too much of a commitment, you might consider a project 52.  That’s one photo per week, obviously.  But, if you have children, I would challenge you NOT to find at least one thing each day that you would want to photograph.

I can’t wait to share Robin’s interview with you.  In the meantime, challenge yourself to take just one photo a day as well.