Natasha Kelly says, “Be gentle on yourself.”

I recently had the opportunity to interview Natasha Kelly.  If you’ll remember, Natasha is one of the co-founders of Sham of the Perfect.  She’s also a documentary family photographer from Melbourne, Australia, and a wife and mother of three children.

I wanted to share with you a small part of our recent talk.  When asked if she had any words of wisdom for other creative mothers, she had this to say:

“Let go of expectations. Don’t look at other artists & see what they are doing & how they’re doing it & feel like you must do it that way too. Be flexible, fit in what you can, when you can. It’s ok to put housework last & your creative work first. Be gentle on yourself.”

I think this is so important.  All of it.

  1.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  We are all guilty of it in probably every aspect of our lives.  Unfortunately, even our creative lives.  This should be the one place that we can be ourselves and not worry about that others are thinking or doing.
  2. Housework can wait.  Mine does.  I bet yours will too.
  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself.  I think that’s why I love the Sham of the Perfect project so much.  It gives us a glimpse into someone else’s true life, not someone’s pinteresty, perfect, how she wants to be portrayed on social media life.  Real life.  Milk spilled on the kitchen counter.  Laundry piled up.  Kids unhappy.  Yep, this is how we live sometimes.

Thank you, Natasha, for the great interview and these wonderful words of wisdom.  And don’t forget to be gentle on yourself.