Just Keep Swimming


The lock screen on my computer right now says “Just Keep Swimming:  Own Finding Dory” with a pretty photo of lots of colorful fish.  It’s a Microsoft ad that changes randomly, but I was thinking about it as I was dozing off to sleep last night.  (Who knows why…).

We all just need to just keep swimming.  No matter what.  No matter the circumstances (that we sometimes feel that we can’t handle but we always do).  So, just keep swimming, even if…

  • One of your children has the stomach bug
  • You entire family has a cold that won’t go away
  • You’re tired
  • You feel like you have too much to do
  • Your husband is always working
  • You child isn’t doing well in school
  • You aren’t doing well in school
  • Your house is a wreck
  • Your finances are controlling you, instead of the other way around
  • Your job is stressful
  • Your business isn’t doing as well as you wish it were
  • Fill in the blank “_____”

The list goes on and on, but you’ve got this.  Just slow down, BUT just keep swimming.  Illnesses will get better.  Get some rest.  Make a plan.  Learn to say no.  Ask for help.  Take care of yourself and keep taking care of those who depend on you.  Prioritize.

Please be honest with yourself.  It’s not all going to get done, and it’s certainly not all going to get done perfectly.  But, choose what’s important to you right now and work on those things and maybe dedicate a small amount of time to the other things. I don’t believe that people can “have it all,” but I do believe that people can have what’s most important to them.

Today’s blog post was brought to you by Dory.

Just keep swimming.


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