Art and Motherhood

I definitely thought this was worth sharing.  It was originally posted on April 15, 2016, on the blog Commonplacekitab.


So this article just came across my radar:

Whoa.  A lot to unpack.  And think about.  So first of all I want to start out by saying no matter how much I end up disagreeing with Kim Brooks, I am grateful to her for writing this article as it was enormously thought provoking for me.  And wow!  Isn’t that a refreshing feeling?  To be happy someone argued a point well and challenged your own assumptions, even if it did not overturn them?  I’m feeling hopeful and spring-y today (also the baby just went down for a nap and that’s it’s own kind of high).

My first read of the article was cathartic and deeply disturbing.  It addresses all those fears that having a child ends or completely inhibits the artist mother.  There are questions of identity-how do I keep calling myself an artist while also being a mom as…

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