Jessica Uhler

This was taken from Jessica’s bio on the Sham of the Perfect website.

What are you drawn to document? Is there a particular composition, technique, or mood you love? 

When I became a mom and chose to stay home with my three young kids (now 4) I had a hard time making the transition from relative success in academia and the professional world to what felt like anonymity and invisibility. I really saw that what is traditionally women’s work, the life of the home, the shaping of a family, is absolutely invaluable, important and yet totally undervalued. I started using photography as a way to document for myself the moments that I was investing in which are so repetitive and mundane, but so beautiful and powerful as well. I think everyday family life, the details of our homes and how they reflect us is what inspires me the most.

Such a perfect description of how motherhood and creativity can flow together.  Looking forward to sharing more from Jessica with you soon!



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