Jenny Rusby

Jenny Rusby is a lifestyle, documentary and storytelling photographer based on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne in Australia.  Her photography business is Jenny Rusby Photography, and she is a regular contributor to Sham of the Perfect.  Her specialties are maternity, births, newborn, breastfeeding and families.

In her bio on the Sham of the Perfect website, she has this to say when asked about her journey into family documentary photography:  “I’ve always had an interest in birth photography and knew when I decided to go into business that this was a type of photography I wanted to pursue.  Every birth has it’s own story to tell and to me, is one of the most authentic stories there is to tell. When I had the opportunity to photograph my first birth last year, I instantly fell in love with the honest, real and raw emotions I was able to capture.  I’ve since photographed another birth and hope to be able to capture more this year as it is definitely where my passion is.”

Although these are not new niches in photography, I do think we will be seeing more of these styles in the future.  A sneak peek at her interview will be coming soon.


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