Lauren Lim of Photography Concentrate

Last night I contacted Lauren Lim.  She’s one half of the husband/wife team that heads up Photography Concentrate.  I’ve been a fan of Photography Concentrate for a long time. I’ve purchased a few of their tutorials, and I found them very helpful.  They also offer free resources on their site.  As you can see on their website, they just have a fun vibe about them.  They also have a pretty interesting story about how they became photographers.  If you are interested in photography, I highly recommend that you check them out.

I chose to contact Lauren for a few reasons.

  1.  She’s fun.  She just has a great, positive, upbeat personality.
  2. She’s the mother of two young boys.  She’s shared a little about how motherhood and her work intersect on their blog.
  3. At one time, Rob and Lauren were working as full-time wedding photographers and running the Photography Concentrate website while raising one (and then two) sons.

I’m looking forward to getting to know Lauren better and finding out how she’s getting it all done.


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